Shooting Supplies and Accessories

Shooting Supplies and Accessories

Shooting Supplies and Accessories

Shooting Supplies and Accessories

Shooting is a sports branch made with firearms and aims the best shot to a target. Shooting aims to deliver a bullet to the target through a weapon. Targets can be fixed or moving. This sport, which its source is hunting, showed up firstly in the middle of the XIX. century in the countries of Northern Europe. But, this sport should not be confused with hunting. Because there is a difference in purpose between these two sports. The main reason for hunting is to capture the creature that is seen as a target as easy as possible. The aim in the shooting is to hit the target at the most central point possible.

In earlier times competitions which were carried out by using various weapons attended the Olympics program for the first time in 1896. There are two main methods in this sports branch. These two are; Shooting a fixed target with free weapons and moving target with hunting weapons. The weight of the gun cant exceed 8 kg and the caliber cant exceed 8 mm. Live targets must be used in shooting with hunting weapons. Of course, this is not a pleasant situation for animal lovers like us. In these competitions, some animals are used as a target such as pigeons the symbol of freedom and deers the symbol of innocence, etc.

In this context, baltrap is a special event of this competition for amateurs. Swedes shoot the running deer; a deer in natural size stays in the field of view for four seconds and runs 23 meters. The shooter who situated 100 meters away from this deer, must hit it with a single loader or an automatic weapon. No points are awarded to the shooter if the bullet hits the target's head or feet. Shooting a live and moving target is much more difficult than a fixed target. Because it is not clear where the target will go.

In our country, usually, trap, skeet, 22 diameter rifle, 22 diameter pistol, air rifle, free rifle, 38 caliber pistol competitions are held. These kinds of competitions, such as team and individual, are held in two categories as light and heavy weapons. Light weapons are free lightweight weapons that less than 4.5 kg. In speed shooting with a pistol,  60 shots are made at 5 targets in a certain amount of time. Shooting from 50m with a gun; 22 caliber rifle while standing, kneeling, prone position; silhouette shot with pistol; from 30 meters with 30 bullets target and silhouette combined shot; Types of competitions, such as 3 positions, are held internationally. With riffled weapons, shooting from 300 meters to the target is also among the competition types. In trap category competitions, the direction of thrown plates from automatic machines is already known. Contrary to this in skeet category, the direction of the plates is not known.

Shooting in Turkey has been attracting attention since 1910. With the start of the establishment of sports clubs and the interest of the army, our first shooters were among the players. Emin Bülent (poet) and Mr. Neşet from Galatasaray, Mr. Necati and Galip from Fenerbahçe and Mr. Ziya, the villager of the stairs, was the leading actors of the first period.

The cost of the bullet was the most important obstacle to the development of the shooting. Therefore, there was no significant movement in pre-Republic shootings. With the establishment of the shooting club in Ankara after 1923, the shooting began to grow and become widespread. Many famous shooters showed up during this period.

It was in 1947 that our shooters joined the World Championships for the first time. Since then, many athletes have trained themselves in shooting sports.

Some of them are; Mehmet Dursun, Erdoğan Karaöz, Nuri Vural, Fettah Günay, Haluk Peker, Ahmet Tugay, Kamil Özboy,  İsmail Hakkı Sel, Akın Özbekligil, Ali Rıza Karakuzu, Sudi Çekver, Bilgin Sayıner, Burhan Atilla, Zeki Güllü,  Cemal Demirkesen, Kemal Tuzeker, Fadıl Köristan, Mehmet Oğulkaymış, Muzaffer Bükülmez, Güneş Yunus, Yalçın Öngörü, Metin Salihoğlu, Osman Giraud, Sili Giraud and Melisa Giraud.

Sili Giraud and Melisa Gievud won the Balkan championships for women. In addition to them, Hakan Alemdar won the gold medal with the best first place in international competitions and he became champion of Balkan Trap Championship in 1976.

In Turkey, shooting sports was seen generally as men’s sports. But, after decisive attempts, Turkish Shooting Federation succeeded to change this perception.  According to the statement of Latif Aral Aliş, the President of the Federation, the number of women athletes engaged in this sport has increased by 25 percent in recent years. The biggest indicator of this work that brought along success was the participation of 2 Turkish women athletes to the competitions in London.

Finally, Shooting Federation; was founded in 1937 under the name of  ‘’Shooting and Hunting’’.Hakan Ugan was the first president of this federation.