Land Hunting Supplies and Accessories

Land Hunting Supplies and Accessories

Land Hunting Supplies and Accessories

Land Hunting Supplies and Accessories

Hunting is engagement in catching wild animals by injuring, killing or slaying. Hunting is one of the first occupations of the human being, who is able to separate himself from other creatures and become self-sufficient to defend himself.

The primitive man continued his life by hunting and gathering. The cave period man had to hunt to feed people, to provide clothing and to protect themselves.

Hunting for sport purposes appeared firstly in ancient age. It is known that Assyrians and Persians are engaged in hunting sports. Thus, hunting, which turned into a sport and entertainment with the advance of civilization, came to exist due to the necessity of struggle to survive.

On the other hand, human being maintained hunting animals owing to the fact that they have economic value (such as meat, skins, teeth, fats, etc.). For this reason, especially in the last centuries, some wild animals have ceased to exist or vanished. In many countries, special protection areas are established for these endangered animal species. Moreover, these relevant countries introduced laws regarding the restriction or even prohibition of hunting for these animals species. 


Hunting animals are classified as follows:

- Bulky prey animals (wild boar, deer, deer, etc.),

- Waterfront prey animals (eurasian curlew, woodcock/curlew, etc.),

- Furry prey animals (fox, otter, skunk, etc.),

- Day predators (falcon, peregrine falcon, hawk, vulture, etc.),

- Night predators (owl, eagle owl, etc.),

- Corvus (crow, magpie, raven, etc.),

- Large and predatory animals (lion, tiger, panther, elephant, rhinoceros, crocodile, onager, etc.).


Hunting, which seems nowadays as a sport that is bound to certain rules, can be divided into two sections as land hunting and sea hunting (it is necessary to exclude large-scale fishing or fur-hunting because of economical purposes ). Besides, in recent years, underwater hunting has also evolved into a vastly common sport.

It can be said that hunting tools fundamentally remained the same even though they have been in continuous development since the first ages.  Tools that are used to catch animals alive such as catching rope and lasso or tools that are used to injure or kill such as spear, arrow, and bow are some of them. In addition to the aforementioned hunting tools and apparatus, often trained animals are also used as a human assistant in hunting.

From this point forth the hound dog is the primary of them. Because hound dogs are used for both individual and battue hunting. In addition, various hunting birds, primarily falcons, are also used. Another method is to trap hunting. The basic purpose of hunting sport is to break the record.